Let's Go...To Cape Town 16-30 December 2019

Lets Go... to Cape Town!

2019 …. It’s our year for Mission Trip. We have secured a Project in Cape Town. Not difficult work but rewarding. One of our SDA Schools would appreciate help with:

-        Painting Some Walls that Need Sprucing Up

-        Create a Fun Mural for their playground

-        Update their garden

-        + Other possible small jobs to help the school.

The Plan is 2 Weeks from 16 December to 30 December 2019. Accommodation and Meals included.

Included are:

-        2 Sabbaths where we will do some Evangelism or Outreach work with 2 of the Local churches in the Cape Town area

-        1 Week Work and 1 Week sightseeing, fun, beach, surf, nature, bungee jumping, kite surfing, lion hunting, crocodile diving, shark searching, etc.  Maybe too extreme. Well, we will make it up whatever is feasible!

If you are IN I need a few things:

-        A commitment indication that you want to come. By filling in the online application form.

-        A deposit of £100 by February 28 (subtracted from the full cost)

-        Oh did I mention the full cost? It will set you back £900 -£1000. This is because flights to South Africa are trending £700 at the moment for the time of the year (which is the best time), and we want to include all your sightseeing costs and entry fees to stuff.

-        However. You know at Plymouth we ROCK at Fundraising, therefore we will search, beg, dig, work, to raise the funds so that your part to pay is low, or nothing at all. OR/AND You can Fundraise yourself, by asking parents, uncles, aunts, grannies, to sponsor you. 

We CAN Only take 10-12 People. So, the sooner you are IN, the sooner we get to work!!!!!