Romania Project



  1. Operate and run a VOCATIONAL BIBLE SCHOOL for 50-60 kids with the help of local Christian young people who can also translate – in order to guide them to make wise and positive choices in life.
  2. Playing GAMES with the children, sharing cultural experiences, building friendships;
  3. We will provide for 2 volunteers + 1 translator to a home in order to HELP the family in whatever way is needed: e.g. to clean, wash, paint, fix, repair and make suggestions around the home – helping to see how they can do things differently;
  4. A HEALTH DAY to talk to the kids particularly about their hygiene, brushing teeth, brushing hair, washing hands after going to the toilet;
  5. Help families to PRESERVE VEGETABLES at a time when there is plenty for a time when it’s cold and there is not much to eat.  Romanians do a lot of this, but the poor do not think that far ahead – so, we will work with them on this so that come December, they may have something to fall back on and eat;
  6. TEACH ENGLISH to some of the children who live in a local Orphanage.
  7. All the volunteers will be given a diary / note book at the airport on departure.  They will be asked to keep a record of their feelings, thoughts and other aspects throughout the trip.


So Far we raised most of our funds the following ways:
‘PopDogs’ Night - February 14, 2015
Mothers Pamper Day - 10 March 2015
Sponsored Walk - 26 April 2015
36 Hour Sponsored Fast  - 15-17 May
Craft Fair - July 16 2015
Carboot Sales  - July - August 2015;
Craft Fair - Liskeard - 6 August 2015

Besides the efforts the team have put in people and churches have been very generous toward us by giving large donations to get us closer to our target. Thank You.

If you can help we would appreciate it. Thank you.
Please forward donations to – ‘Plymouth SDA Church’, 88 North Road East, Plymouth, PL4 6AN. More Info call: Pastor Clifford Herman- 01752 956 385 or 07737407754